Virtual Office Mail France

You are moving in another country or going for an extended trip for several years and you need to keep a postal address in France to receive mail ?

Ubidoca offers you a solution to receive your mail in France. How does it work ?

Why choose a Virtual Office at Ubidoca ?

Simply because the French administration (taxes, Primary Sickness Insurance Fund, National employment agency, etc.) and the private organisations to which you are affiliated (health insurance, pension funds, insurance, etc.) do not send any mail abroad. It is therefore useless to give them your expatriate address : they will not take it into account. All you have to do is give them your correspondence address to make sure not to loose any mail.

How to proceed to benefit from this mail delivery service ?

On the legal side :


  1. See Act No. 69.3 of 3 January 1969, as amended by Act No. 2007-290 of 5 March 2007 establishing the enforceable right to housing and introducing various measures to promote social cohesion (article 51) and specified by the two implementing decrees: Decree No. 2007-893 of 15 May 2007 and Decree No. 2007-1124 of 20 July 2007 on the registration of homeless persons.

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