Monthly Destruction of your Mail

Address France Monthly Destruction of your Mail -

You chose one of our mail treatments : Mail Scan or Envelope Scan ?

You do not need to receive your original paper mail ?

What is this service about ?
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  • We destroy the mail stored in our premises one month after scanning and uploading it into your Customer Space.
  • To enable us to activate this service, we need a written and signed authorization to destroy your original paper mail and a copy of your passport.
  • Important note : Be sure to save your important mail on your computer, tablet or smartphone because once destroyed, we cannot recover it. The mail goes through a paper shredder and the paper is recycled.

The advantages of this service :
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  • You enjoy the comfort of no longer receiving paper mail. By saving them on your computer, it becomes easier and faster to find an important document.
  • You save on shipping costs (stamps) since you do not have mail to be forwarded.
  • You can always ask us for an urgent mail forward befoe we destroy the document.
  • You do not need to have a permanent address or have someone else to collect your mail.
  • You make an eco-friendly gesture for the planet since all destroyed mail is recycled.

How much does it cost ?

Monthly Plans Micro Eco Standard Gold Diamond no package
Monthly cost 1 € 2 € 2 € 3 € 5 € 2 €
Monthly Plans Monthly cost
micro 1 €
eco 2 €
standard 2 €
gold 3 €
diamond 3 €
no package 2 €

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