Are you an expatriate ? Do you have several homes ? Are you going on a trip ?

The founder of Ubidoca was an expatriate for many years and received his French mail one or two weeks late. Under these conditions, it can sometimes be difficult to manage important mail on time. It then occurred to him that it would be easier to receive his scanned mail electronically. That's how Ubidoca was born. Our services are specially designed for expatriates or people who are often on the move.

Reading your mail in one click, quick and handy

Using scanning services with Ubidoca is a practical and easy solution to set up.

When travelling, you can access your documents in a secure Customer Space, wherever you are in the world, at a hotel or with friends. All you need to do is find an internet connection to read your mail instantly since they are scanned from the day they are received in our premises.

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