How do I receive my mail to my new address ?

You must subscribe to a transfer contract with the Post Office to have your mail forwarded from your old address to this new address or to send it to your correspondents (provided you specify that this is your new correspondence address).

How do I find out about a new mail ?

You are informed by an email as soon as a new mail is online in your Customer Space, for security and confidentiality reasons, this email does not contain your mail.

Who can access my mail ?

You are the only one who can have access to your documents, you must have your username and password.

How do I read my scanned mail ?

To view your scanned mail, you must log in to your personal and secure Customer Space.

Do you open all mail ?

We offer various services that give you the choice on how to open your mail. You can choose the Simple Forwarding which is a reception of your mail without opening nor scanning, the Envelope Scan which is an opening of your mail on request, or the Mail Scan which consists in opening and uploading all your mail online. You have the possibility to request the banking secret option (free of charge) when you register. These mail (if clearly identifiable) are neither opened nor scanned. You are then informed by email.

Are all mail scanned ?

Advertisements, magazines and other promotional mail are not scanned. If the mail contains more than 15 pages, we scan only the first page or the introduction letter. We then send you an email to inform you about the nature of the mail, the sender and the total number of remaining pages.

Can I pick up my mail in your premises ?

For security and confidentiality reasons, our premises are not open to the public. You must complete your forwarding address section (friend, family, holiday destination, company, post office...) to receive your original mail.

How do I avoid receiving advertising mail ?

If you do not wish to receive the ads we receive for you, you can order our "Mail filtering" option. These unsolicited mail are then destroyed in our premises upon receipt (excluding subscription magazines) and are not forwarded to you with the rest of your mail (your shipping costs are then reduced).

I want to receive my favourite magazine quickly, how to do it ?

If you receive magazines under subscription (Time, Reader's Digest, Cosmopolitan, etc.), you can ask us to forward it to you every month or every week as soon as you receive it without waiting for the scheduled sending of all your mail. You can read them without delay.

I have received an important mail and I want it to be forwarded urgently, is it possible ?

You can ask us to forward your entire stock of mail or to send you a specific mail (e.g: a credit card, an insurance green card, a document to fill in, etc.). All you have to do is send us an email. The mail in question is sent the same day.

Can I choose the frequency of my mail forwarding ?

From your Customer Space, you can change the frequency of your forwardings : once a month, every 2 weeks, once a week, every day.

Where are my original mail forwarded ?

Mail are sent to the address indicated in your Customer Space at the time of your scheduled forwarding.

Can I change my forwarding address easily ?

You can change your forwarding address as many times as you like (no extra charge) and as soon as you change it, it is taken into account by our forwarding team.

Are shipping costs included in the monthly plan ?

The shipping costs of mail and parcels are additional (we apply the Post Office rates without commission).

I don't have a forwarding address, how can I get my original mail back ?

You can choose our "Mail Storage" option (see all additionnal subscriptions). As soon as you return, we ship all the mail stored during your absence. Reminder : By default, mail must be sent once a month. If your mail can not be forwarded, and you have not subscribed to the Mail storage, an unplanned mail storage is charged to you.

Can you receive all my mail including registered mail ?

We can receive registered mail, you must then send us a copy of your authorization form with a copy of your ID card or passport.

I don't give you the authorization and you refuse a registered mail, can you give me the name of the sender ?

We do not know the name of the sender since without you authorization, the registered mail is not delivered to us. It is directly sent back to the sender (the mail is considered as refused).


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