Expatriates : Keep in touch with your postal mail

Are you going to live in an other country for several weeks or months ? Are you looking for an International mail forwarding solution ?

Like many expatriates, you need to find a solution to manage your postal mail.

Several possibilities are available to you. You can ask a friend or relative to manage your mail for the duration of your expatriation, or set up an international forwarding contract with the post office.

But these methods can be constraining for several reasons.

However, you can use a specialized company for this type of service, such as Ubidoca.

Here are the services we can offer you :

We have the honour of being accredited as a service provider by Banque Transatlantique and the Cercle Magellan international mobility managers.

From home or your office in a new country, you can consult your French postal mail the same day it is received in France.

Have a nice trip !

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