I want to register but not to start a monthly plan right away. Is it possible ?

You can register today by ordering a monthly plan and a mail treatment but choose a starting date for later.

I have used all the credits related to my monthly plan, can I continue reading my mail ?

We continue to process your mail, you are then charged in additional credits.

Can I change my monthly plan if it does not suit me ?

You can change your monthly plan in the middle of the month to a higher plan. If you want to change your monthly plan to a lower one, you must wait until its anniversary date. You can process the modification yourself from your Customer Space by choosing the start date.

How can I change my email address ?

Simply send us an email with your new email address.

How do I credit my account ?

You can credit your account by credit card from your Customer Space.

What are the accepted payment options ?

We accept payments by credit card (from your Customer Space), automatic monthly payments via Paypal and wire transfers (mandatory for certain countries or services).

How do I cancel my subscription ?

You can cancel your subscription simply by sending us an email or with a phone call. We check that we no longer have any mail for you and that the balance of your account is settled. If you still have mail, it is forwarded. Your account is then closed and the subscription terminated. NB : any started monthly plan is due in its entirety.

I cancel my subscription but my account is in credit. Can I get my money back ?

If you wish to leave UBIDOCA and your account is in credit, we refund the remaining balance of your account upon request.

What happens to my mail if my account is closed ?

All mail are sent back to the sender when the account is closed. The Post Office then affixes a label indicating "Unknown addressee at this address".

If my account is in debit, do you close my account ?

Frequently on the move or living on the other side of the world, it is sometimes difficult for you to connect to the Internet to credit your account. When your account is in debit, we continue to receive your mail. You are notified by email that a new non-scanned mail is waiting to be processed due to insufficient balance. Once your account is credited, the reading of your documents is unlocked. However, if your account has an extended debit balance, we reserve the right to close it.

Do I need to keep my scanned mail on my Customer Space ?

You can keep it in your Customer Space, save it on your computer, or delete it after reading it. Note : When the account is closed, you no longer have access to your documents.

You can manage your scanned mail in your Customer Space as you wish : print it, file it, delete it, save it on your computer.


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